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oct 27

Posted on: October 27, 2010 10:00 am

Just some thoughts heading into tonight, the canes finally make their home opener, a monster road trip to the say the least and for the home opener, the caps slide into town, big division matchup, Green played soley on the pp last game and looks to be headed for more ice time tonight, know more after the morning skate. Of the teams that started in Europe (car,bos,sj,cbj,phx,min) only bos and min have won their home opener, besides the trip to europe they have been on the west coast forever, they have had 3 full days off, a young team in one of the better home ice rinks in the league, great fans, no doubt they will be a little slow out of the gate but the fans will make up for a lotta of the rust, caps are a bit banged up and the canes are really healthy, should be a great game. Caps have the Wild tomorrow, good spot for the wild especially if Neuvirth starts both games as expected.

Another game that should be exciting is the isles/habs game, two fast skating teams, the habs d will have some trouble with the isles skaters, especially if Grabner is a go, will they go with Roloson? Price's ninth start in a row, Martin having fun with it with the press, nice to see....habs feeling good.

Lightning dealing with some injuries, stomach virus for Smaby, sore neck for Gagne and placed on the ir, out for tonight and it doesn't look like Ohlund will be ready for tonight, we'll have to pay attn to any updates for the lightning today after morning skate but they are a bit banged up.

One more thought for now, 2nd halfs of b2b's will return to norm as the season rolls on the wear and tear builds up.

Isle with Roloson or no play othewise

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Peak, if you check this out, we were pretty much screwed from the opening face off, Mara's gear didn't show up in time, my connection let me keyboard to the internet,  and then we lose possible our best d man in Wisniewski in the first, that was gross, lots of blood, I guess he went to the hospital.....played the game with 4 d, pk had 30 mins and looked like me playing the d in nhl2010, big miss on the hit. Probably wise to stay away from them on this west coast trip, although it would make the outside heritage classic more interesting, too banged up on d, cammy should be back but nothing interesting about losing money, that was my first losing night on the ice in a long time. Anyway, can't post on threads from work......have a great day dude and fellow puckers.

O/U way to nail that game, you were right, that was a total dismantling, always a good gauge for a eastern conf team, face one of the best western conference teams and see what happens.

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nov 18

If any of you hockey guys swing by.....great job on the ice last night, way to go!!

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Tough game for the sens today, interrupted road trip to attend service for Richardson's daughter in Ottawa and then on a charter this afternoon to carolina for an nhl game tonight, long emotional day for the sens, surprised the nhl didn't postphone this one.

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oct 27

Hey mo, I think it's the 2nd meeting of the reg season, they played twice in the preseason, the bruins have yet to lose on the road, I think it is the game of the night. I would lean bruins at this point, what are you thinking? They play the blues tomorrow, non conference team so I would think tonight would be the game they want, blues could be a nice play tomorrow depending on what we see tonight.

The 6 games I mentioned earlier aren't really traps, just a chance to catch a tired team.

Big lose for the canes for tonight, no Pitkanen on D, I'm pretty sure he is near team lead for toi, certainly among D.

Volchankov should be back for the devils, marty is probably giving him a hug, great defensive d man.

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oct 27

Can the Bruins take three from the Caps in one season and why are they playing for the third time in only 10 games?

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Back to my desk job, been offsite all week, had a decent night last night to get me back over even for the week, Halak is awesome. Love seeing the blues doing well, always had a place on my hat rack for them.

No really traps tonight, could be a few tomorrow with 6 teams playing in the second half of a B2B against teams with tonight off, looking forward to see who is starting in the bruins/caps game, Neuvirth looks really tired. Lalemon should start for the sabres, anything to get the habs scoring, think eller is moving to top line.

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Posted on: October 29, 2010 2:13 pm

OCT 29

Auld 1-3-0-1 2.79 vs Isles, Roloson 3-3-1-2 2.80
Bobrovsky 1-1 vs pens 1-0 on the road, Milk Carton 19-7 2.68 vs flyers
Marty 12-6-1-0 1.87 vs ducks

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oct 29

In the cfl, certainly like mtl to rebound tonight after that pizz poor performance last week, the argos are not the ticats and watkins and duval back for mtl....could also see the ticats hang with calgary in the late one, not sure though.

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oct 29

Looking at a couple potential trap games, both the isles and ducks play a non division opponent tonight (habs and devils) and both play a divisional opponent the next night, isles play the flyers and the ducks head to sj. I'm a habs homer so I always think they are a good play, it was painful watching the habs play so well the other night when I was on the isles....actually 4-2 in games involving habs so far mostly dog or near even odds. NJ could be a sneaky play tonight although I'm trying to figure out if they are as bad as they seem and very well might be, another injury to the d as Corrente broke his hand in a fight. Still no volchenkov....the d sucks and offense is offensive but they could catch the ducks.

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